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Pecos Valley Classic Ag Tractor Club, Inc.
2023 Pull Rules

* $10.00 Hook Fee per Class, Maximum of three (3) Hooks per Tractor

Driver Requirements for all classes:

1. Driver must be at least 18 years of age. Drivers between 12 and 18 years of age must have written consent from parent, and have completed club endorsed driver certification. Club members must also abide by the requirements of the governing authority over the location of the event, and their insurance requirements.
2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages will be grounds for disqualification.
3. Foul or abusive language will be grounds for disqualification.
4. Driver must be firmly seated at all times, in a forward or normal upright position. NO bouncing will be permitted. Driver must have at least one hand on the steering wheel, except when operating brakes on hand models.
5. Drivers must use the "both hands up" signal, with transmission in neutral and foot off clutch before being hooked to sled. Official shall verify that shifter is in neutral before hook up takes place.
6. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times. Speed is not to exceed 5 mph on or off the track.
7. All drivers are required to attend the driver/safety meeting which is held 15 min. before the pull is scheduled to start. Double hook fees will be imposed on late entries.
8. Tractors must stop immediately upon the red flag signal from the judge or be disqualified. If the track judge stops the puller for any reason, the puller takes the distance where stopped, unless it is within the first 50', where a restart is permitted. Sled monitor dictates official distance, unless it becomes inoperable.
9. The President of the corporation shall have complete authority in running each pull. He can stop the pull or any part of the pull due to weather or any other reason. It will be resumed by his authority and in the manner he desires. If the President is not present, he shall designate an officer or board member to assume authority.
10. No one is allowed on the track, except for the puller and the officials. No one rides on the moveable weight box.
11. If a tie is declared, the tied tractors will have a pull off. If the top-placing tractor is disqualified, all other tractors move up one place.
12. Any tractor may be protested by another contestant in that class, but must be submitted prior to the end of the following class competition. Protests for any reason must be in writing, and given at announcer's booth or to track official. No verbal protests shall be acknowledged.
13. A tech committee has been appointed and will inspect tractors randomly to determine if they meet safety standards and rules outlined. The committee’s word will be final!

For 2011, it was decided to eliminate classes into a pre-war and post war.

Open stock class for newer models is not affected and will remain as listed below.

*Pulls will be conducted in the same manner as always, with no change in the progression of classes and/or weighting of sled. The only noted difference will be during registration, where the classes will be registered as “classic” or “antique”. They will still compete together, but will be recorded by which class they are in.

2019 Modified Rules

Tractor Eligibility:

1. Tractors must be 1960 model or older. Any tractor in question must have serial number in the proper place and casting stamp that can easily be read. Tractor can have heads, manifolds and power blocks manufactured for retail sale prior to 1960 with the exceptions of exhaust headers and weight brackets. Proof of manufacture for retail sale of at least 100 parts prior to 1960 is the responsibility of the contestants using the heads, manifold, or power block. Tractors cannot have blowers or turbochargers on their engines unless factory equipped.
2. Agricultural tractors only, and must be of a two-wheel drive type, no industrial or construction tractors.
3. All fans or exposed moving parts must be shielded.
4. Modified or factory air cleaners must be used.
5. Factory governors must remain as standard equipment. Governors will maintain no more than 10% over stock high idle RPM's. The Nebraska Test Book will be used to determine factory high idle RPM's. The RPM's will be set according to the year model the tractor is, not the engine being used. NO allowance will be tolerated. NO rev limiters will be permitted.
6. Fenders shall be required on standard tread tractors. Fenders on row crop tractors are optional.
7. Tractors have the option of pulling in any gear. The speed limit is 5 MPH and sled monitor or radar will check it. If speed is not brought within limit by the 50ft. mark the pull will be disqualified. There will be no shifting after driver begins pulling, except for torque amplifiers.
8. Drawbar will be fixed, with rigid clevis or fixed pulling eye to 20" high or lower at pulling point. If rigid clevis or fixed pulling eye is not used, the highest point of pull will be measured (top of drawbar or back of twisted clevis). Please furnish your own twisted clevis, as the skid chain must hang free. There must be a minimum of 18" from center of wheel axle to pulling point. Skid chain length will be set as necessary by sled officials to accommodate the class. Chain length will not be adjusted mid-class.
9. The only fuels that can be used are gasoline, gasohol, diesel, and LP gas. No alcohol or nitrous oxide fuels will be permitted. There shall be no refueling while tractor is running.
10. Tires: A maximum of 18.4x38 tire size will be allowed on all modified weight classes. Any rim width may be used in any class. A manufacturer's tire chart will be used as a comparison for rear tractor sizes. Radial tires are allowed. No duals. Any cut allowed on tires. Original steel wheels will be allowed to pull last in the class. One set of original extension rims will be permitted on steel tractors.
11. Modified tractor weight class limits will be as follows: 3100, 3350, 3600, 4100, 4600, 5100, 5600, 6100, 6600, 7100, 7600, 8100, 8600, 9100, and 9600 including driver. Classes above 10,000# may be allowed if tech committee feels sled and track can handle it. Tractor weights may be protested. If both protestor and protested are overweight, more tractors may be weighed to determine accuracy of scales. Over- weighted tractors will be disqualified. Drivers must weigh on scales before each pull.
12. 2 wheelie bars must be used. Bars must be a minimum of 20" apart from center to center, 32" behind center of rear axle, have at least a 4" skid pad, and be a maximum of 10" off of the ground. Each bar must be able to support the weight of the tractor when a jack is placed under it.
13. Kill switches or proven kill system are mandatory.
14. Stock tractors will be allowed to pull in a modified class if they are equipped with wheelie bars. Stock tractors do not require a kill switch.
15. All tractors may pull up to one time in any of up to three classes by adding hang-on weights. Weight brackets and weights must be safely secured to the tractor, and must not extend more than 11' from the center of the rear axle to the furthest point forward, nor shall rear weights extend beyond the rear tire, unless passed by tech committee prior to start of pull. If any weights or parts of the tractor fall off while the tractor is hooked to the sled, the tractor will be disqualified.

Stock Class Rules for 2019*This division is designed to promote antique tractor pulling, creating a competitive atmosphere for beginning pullers, show tractors, and competitive stock tractors. The purpose of this division is to bring enjoyment to the purest form of pulling – stock pulling.

Modified Rules apply, except for:

1. STOCK Weight Class limits and Tire Sizes:
3000/3500 - 12.4x38 4000/4500 - 13.6x38 5000/5500 - 14.9x38
6000/6500 - 15.5x38 7000/7500 - 16.9x38 8000/8500 - 18.4x38

Tire sizes represent the largest sq. in. footprint on the standardized chart. Other tire sizes with footprint areas equal to or smaller will be allowed.

2. A maximum drawbar height of 18 inches is allowed. A pulling ring or twisted clevis 3” or larger is required. Tech committee must approve hitch as safe in strength before hook is allowed. Hook must hang freely.
3. Wheelie bars are optional on stock tractors.
4. No cut tires.
5. Fuel use is restricted to Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoline, or LPG not to exceed 98 octane. No refueling while tractor is running.
1. Engines must be of stock appearance.
2. Only factory equipped flatheads allowed. Shaved heads and blocks allowed on gas type engines.
3. Factory intake manifold, carburetor, and air cleaner must be in stock position and operational. Straight exhaust is allowed only after stock exhaust manifold.
4. No turbos or blowers unless factory installed.
5. Dual fuel not permitted.

Open Stock Class Rules for 2019 Purpose - An optional exhibition class separate from the above that includes stock tractors that were in production through 1965, not exceeding 95 factory rated pto hp, and 10,000# w/ driver. (Typically, a stock JD 4020 or similar tractor is about the high limit of this class, due to sled capability.)

1. Modified tractors may wish to run with this class for competitive curiosity, but must abide by modified class rules.
2. Stock tractors in this class are subject to all stock rules that apply.
3. Other non-classed tractors may be allowed in this class if approved by tech committee and do not interfere with club’s insurance regulations.

About Pecos Valley Classic Ag:

SAFETY is our main concern. Do not hotrod, watch out for children and most of all HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!

Please keep in mind when starting your tractor to stop and think about safety – check to see if it is in neutral!!!

For all practical purposes this is considered an exhibition pull. We openly ask for any suggestions you may have to make future events more enjoyable! Our mission in pulling is to keep it fun for spectators or participants, while providing some friendly competition. This event, if taken too seriously, would promise to be a short term endeavor.

Membership to our club is always welcome!

(Club dues are $30 annually, and required for membership for insurance prior to participating.)

Tech Committee: Inquire at registration desk or announcer’s booth.